Staff Nurse

Atherton, Manchester
07 Jan 2019
07 Feb 2019
Nursing Field
Mental Health
Job Type


  • To undertake and manage direct evidence based patient care and treatment.
  • Participate fully with the multidisciplinary team and ensure that the patient is fully engaged in their care pathway.
  • Contribute to the delivery of clinical services within a ward or unit, ensuring it complies with statutory regulations, current legislation and meets quality standards.

Key Accountabilities – Quality

Maintain high quality in all areas of practice including effective team working; using a range of different approaches including codes of conduct and practice, evidence-based practice, guidelines, legislation, protocols, procedures, policies, standards and systems.

  • Follows organisational and professional policies and procedures and other quality approaches as required. Encourages others to do the same. Maintains professional registration
  • Works within the limits of own competence and area of responsibility and accountability. Gets help and advice where needed
  • Works to support the team. Can be counted on when people ask for help or support
  • Prioritises own workload and manages own time to ensure priorities are met and quality is not compromised
  • Uses service resources and effectively and encourages others to do the same
  • Monitors the quality of work in own area and alerts others to quality issues, reporting any errors or issues to the appropriate person.

Service Improvement

To improve services in the interests of the service users, carers and the organisation informed by current best practice guidance.

  • Discusses with team the likely impact of changing policies, strategies and procedures on practice. Also about changes the team can make and how to make them effective
  • Takes on new work and make changes to own work when agreed, requesting relevant help if needed
  • Supports colleagues in understanding and making agreed changes to their work
  • Evaluates own and others’ work when needed
  • Make suggestions to improve the service
  • Constructively identifies where new ways of working, polices or strategies are having a negative impact on the service given to users or the public.

Personal and People Development

Developing oneself using a variety of means and contributing to the development of others during ongoing work activities using through structured approaches (e.g. appraisal and development review, mentoring, professional/clinical supervision) and/or informal and ad hoc methods (such as enabling people to solve arising problems and appropriate delegation).

  • Seeks feedback from others about work to help identify own development needs
  • Evaluates effectiveness of own learning/development opportunities and relates this to others
  • Identifies development needs for own emerging work demands and future career aspiration
  • Offers help and guidance to others to support their development or to help them complete their work requirements effectively
  • Offers feedback promptly

Health, Safety and Security

Maintaining and promoting the health, safety and security of everyone in the organisation or anyone who comes into contact with it either directly or through the actions of the organisation.

  • Looks for potential risks to self and others in work activities and processes
  • Manages identified risk in the best way possible
  • Works in a way that complies with legislation and trust policies and procedures on health, safety and risk management
  • Works in a way that ensures security including physical, relational and procedural security where appropriate
  • Takes action to manage an emergency, calling for help immediately when appropriate
  • Reports actual or potential problems that may put health, safety or security at risk and suggests solutions
  • Supports and challenges others in maintaining health, safety and security at work


Effectively communicating the needs and requirements of patients, carers, staff and others to provide excellent care and service. Effective communication is a two way process which develops and cements relationships, keeps people informed and reduces the likelihood of errors and mistakes.

  • Identifies the impact of contextual factors on communication
  • Adapts communication to take account of others’ culture, background and preferred way of communicating
  • Provides feedback to others on their communication where appropriate
  • Shares and engages thinking with others
  • Maintains the highest standards of integrity when communicating with staff, patients, family, carers and other professionals.

Equality and Diversity

It is the responsibility of every person to act in ways that support equality and diversity. Equality and diversity is related to the actions and responsibilities of everyone – users of services including patients, clients and carers; work colleagues; employees and people in other organisations.

  • Interprets equality, diversity and rights in accordance with legislation, policies, procedures and good practice
  • Actively acts as a role model in own behaviour and fosters a non-discriminatory culture
  • Promotes equality and diversity in own area and ensures policies are adhered to
  • Manages people and applies internal processes in a fair and equal way

Knowledge and Skills

  • First level nurse with evidence of professional development, relevant skills and knowledge.


  • Relevant experience.


  • Work effectively as a team member
  • Take appropriate action where concerns are raised with regards to performance or conduct of others.
  • Promote and safeguard the well-being and interests of all patients, employees and visitors.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality, security and accuracy of data and information and compliance with Regulatory guidelines and statutory requirements.
  • Support and supervise new and junior staff
  • Contribute in the planning and delivery of evidence based patient care and treatment as a Primary Nurse
  • Maintain and evidence standards of competence as defined by the NMC, in order to remain registered.

Other Requirements

Where a current UK driving licence is held, a copy will be required to be submitted and driving may constitute a part of your role.

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